Top 5 Bitcoin(BTC) Earning sites 2019

Best Legit Crypto Faucets
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
BitFaucet 20k Satoshis
Dash-Faucet 0.00001 DASH
Ethereum-Faucet 0.000004 ETH
Faucet Crypto 5000 Satoshis
ClaimFreeCoins 1000 satoshi
Free-Dogecoin $200 in Doge
Free Litecoin $200 in LTC
Free Ethereum $200 in ETH
Free Bitcoin cash $200 in BCH
EarnBTC 200K Satoshis

Top 5 Bitcoin(BTC) Earning sites 2019

Hi, I am Abdullah, Today I am gonna give You top 5 free bitcoin earning sites to earn bitcoin. if you are a cryptocurrency lover so this post is for you. Everyday thousands of people joining crypto family and its increasing day by day.

1. EarnBTC


EarnBTC is a High Paying Bitcoin PTC and Faucet. It has another great Feature Which is Revenue Sharing, They Share total 150% Return On Advertising, They Also Has Contest Earn 0.04 BTC 1st Prize

Ways to Earn Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin Faucet (Up to 200000 Satoshis Per Claim)
  2. Auto Surf
  3. Bitcoin PTC
  4. Offerwall
  5. Referral Contest
  6. Revenue Sharing ( Total 150% Return)
  7. Referral System ( Referral Commission 50%)

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2. Cointiply


Cointiply is an another Best Free BTC Earning site. it has 20+ ways to ear Bitcoin. Cointiply pays to users via Faucethub and Direct wallet. its mainly a Bitcoin Faucet But it has lots of ways to earn bitcoin.

Ways to Earn Bitcoin:

  1. Hourly Bitcoin Faucet (Up to 100000 Coins Per Claim)
  2. Offerwalls
  3. BTC Mining Game
  4. Multiplier (Gambling)
  5. PTC Ads
  6. Referral System ( Referral Commission 25%) and Many More…

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3. ClickBits

ClickBits: Bitcoin PTC - Earn BTC for viewing ads

Bitsfree is a New Bitcoin earning Site but this is a Legit earning site. Huge BTC can be earned from this site. They has bundle of ways to earn btc. Below I have given ways of earn btc from this site.

Ways to Earn From ClickBits:

  1. Hourly Faucet (Up to 10000 Satoshis Per Claim)
  2. PTC Ads
  3. Shortlinks
  4. Offerwalls
  5. Jobs
  6. Referral Contest
  7. Lottery
  8. CPU Mining
  9. Activity Rewards
  10. Referral System (Commission 50% of their faucet claims5% of their offerwalls earnings and 3% of their shortlinks earnings for life! )

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4. Wizcoin


Wizcoin is a New Bitcoin (BTC) PTC, it has lots of ways to earn bitcoin. Some great Features are mentioned Below. There minimum Withdrawal is only 10k Satoshis.Great Earning Site, Join Now

Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin:

  1. Framed Ads
  2. Surf Ads
  3. ShortLink
  4. Offerwalls
  5. Lottery
  6. 10% Referral Commission
  7. Referral Contest

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5. Trafficly earn free bitcoins, advertising, cpc

Trafficly is a New Extension based Modern Bitcoin PTC. They has 30+ Ads daily and Earn Minimum of 1500 Satoshis Daily. Only 4000 Satoshis is Minimum Withdrawal . Withdrawals are instant to Your Wallet. They are giving 50% Referral Commission.

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Don’t Forget to Join My Dogecoin Faucet. Earn Unlimited Dogecoin From My Faucet.  instant payment to faucethub, 25% Referral Commission

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Best Legit PTC Sites
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
Adsatoshi 5000 Satoshis
BitcoHitz 3000 Satoshis
EarnBTC 5000 Satoshis
CoinPayu 3000 Satoshis
Wizcoin 2000 Satoshis
BitcoMania 2000 Satoshis
BitClix 1000 Satoshis
Trafficly 1500 Satoshis
Bitter 1500 Satoshis
Adbitcoins 2000 Satoshis
DogeAds 20 Dogecoin
AdBTC 5000 Satoshis
Dogecoinads 10 Dogecoin
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