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Best Legit Crypto Faucets
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
BitFaucet 20k Satoshis
Dash-Faucet 0.00001 DASH
Ethereum-Faucet 0.000004 ETH
Faucet Crypto 5000 Satoshis
ClaimFreeCoins 1000 satoshi
Free-Dogecoin $200 in Doge
Free Litecoin $200 in LTC
Free Ethereum $200 in ETH
Free Bitcoin cash $200 in BCH
EarnBTC 200K Satoshis


There is one thing about earning bitcoin online.  You must create a smart strategy to find good faucets to earn much.  There are a lot of faucets out there that do not pay or have other issues.  On  www.faucet list-org you will find a collection of different kinds of faucets that you can try and see if you like it.   Really to recommend are faucets that are high trusted and have high rewards while they are easy to handle. Therefor we created the category  TOP faucets where you can be sure you will earn and be paid.  If you like it risky you can sign up to the new faucets and be one of the first to profit from it, but it’s not sure at that moment that you will get paid.  For other claimers that prefer to be paid instant, we have a category direct faucets where you will be paid directly into you faucethub wallet.


If you sign up to all the sites on  you have the advantage that you just need to bookmark in your favorites and don’t need to save the link for every single page. so you have fast acces to all your faucets.  So do not hesitate to visit sign up to the faucets and bookmark the site.  It’s your choice to make your claimings easier or do you prefer so save all the links yourself. Be smart and save your time for claiming instead for searching your links.

Always remember: Your lifetime is limited. It’s the most valuable thin we have. you never get lost ime back. Never !   Do not waste it senseless.  If you become 100 years you have lived 876600 hours.   Most of us will not reach that. so you see you don’t have one million hours to live!

Only use faucets inbetween but do not neglect your life for it. If you are tending to do so. better not use faucets. On the other hand:  If you are not really willing to earn some coins and never  ome again after signing up you should not sing up because that is also a waste of your valuable time.

Stay smart

Best Legit PTC Sites
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
Adsatoshi 5000 Satoshis
BitcoHitz 3000 Satoshis
EarnBTC 5000 Satoshis
CoinPayu 3000 Satoshis
Wizcoin 2000 Satoshis
BitcoMania 2000 Satoshis
BitClix 1000 Satoshis
Trafficly 1500 Satoshis
Bitter 1500 Satoshis
Adbitcoins 2000 Satoshis
DogeAds 20 Dogecoin
AdBTC 5000 Satoshis
Dogecoinads 10 Dogecoin

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