You dont want Free, You want what work


Best Legit Crypto Faucets
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
BitFaucet 20k Satoshis
Dash-Faucet 0.00001 DASH
Ethereum-Faucet 0.000004 ETH
Faucet Crypto 5000 Satoshis
ClaimFreeCoins 1000 satoshi
Free-Dogecoin $200 in Doge
Free Litecoin $200 in LTC
Free Ethereum $200 in ETH
Free Bitcoin cash $200 in BCH
EarnBTC 200K Satoshis

How many bitcoin will you have when it hit 50.000. Some expert say it may go as high as one million. How ever High it goes, you can start now at theses site to amass bitcoin at no cost.

When you get referral it grow even faster.
This is your chance to get the bitcoin you want while the price is still rising. so you can be in a position to cash out when it top out.


I found that  passive income is a good way. to get  the bitcoin you want.   this way you start making money right away. while you get referral.  You also  wanted trusted  site  that have been around  for awhile.


The sites I like  most are  faucets and mining,  but you have to be careful because  most of them  are  not legit sites.  They only want to use you and not   pay you.


I have found a few good ones that are paying and  they are free to start.  once you get enough. You can

start  looking for paying site to scale up your earning.  This is exciting time, are you ready to get start.


I have listed here some great ones to get you started



Best Legit PTC Sites
Website Name   Rewards Up To  
Adsatoshi 5000 Satoshis
BitcoHitz 3000 Satoshis
EarnBTC 5000 Satoshis
CoinPayu 3000 Satoshis
Wizcoin 2000 Satoshis
BitcoMania 2000 Satoshis
BitClix 1000 Satoshis
Trafficly 1500 Satoshis
Bitter 1500 Satoshis
Adbitcoins 2000 Satoshis
DogeAds 20 Dogecoin
AdBTC 5000 Satoshis
Dogecoinads 10 Dogecoin

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