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Task Name:                          Create a Youtube Video About Our Site

Minimum Duration:        Above 5 Minutes

Video Language:               English, Urdu/hindi , Bangla

Credit Amount:                10000 Satoshi


Task Name:                          View,like,Comment,Subscribe and Share Our YT Video

Full Details :                        Go to Our Youtube Video  Watch this Video till End , Now like the video ,

give a positive Comment and Subscribe Our Youtube channel . Finally Share this

Video at least One Social Media .

Credit Amount:                500 Satoshi




Task Name:                     Write a Article About Our Site

Minimum WordS:      500 Words

Article language:         Bangla,English

Credit Amount:          5000 Satoshi



FB Group Posting

Firstly Download This Picture

Now Post This Picture to 20 Bitcoin Earning Facebook Group .

Credit Amount:   5000 Satoshi